PhytoStem Nutritional Supplement
PhytoStem Laboratories offers a capsule to activate stem cells!
Dr. Lucas T. Reinhart MD, PHd
in Clinical Ant-Aging Science
Creator and Chief Formulator at PhytoStem Laboratories

PhytoStem Nutritional Supplement Healing Secrets

“In as little as 72 hours, you can supercharge your life, restore glowing good health, and feel decades younger...”

Just 1 Capsule a Day Could Help the Painful Effects of Arthritis!

Time heals all. .. perhaps .. . but NOT in your joints, bones and muscles that weaken over time. Joint degeneration, swelling and inflammation take over your body. The synovial fluid that gives you mobility in your joints dries up like a raisin in t he sun. PhytoStem Caps acts NOT only as an analgesic and antiinflammatory -- but it ensures your cartilage and joints rehydrate and rejuvenate themselves.


Joint and Muscle Inflammation disappear within 24 hours ... Within 30 days your Synovial fluid is NOW Clean and Healthy as you continue to walk, bend, and yes, even run feely without pain. Say goodbye to painful injections and possible surgery. Rebuild your body naturally with PhytoStem Caps! Now we will answer the five most common questions from customers just like you.

1) Dr. Reinhart. what exactlyis PhytoStem Caps and how does it work?

PhytoStem is a 12-year journey to stop and rever.se dozens and dozens of health problems. Through year.s of trial and error research, my team back in Germany, painstakingly tested and retested 83 essential elements that contain 47 proven antioxidants, minerals and Vitamins 0, E, K, and of cour.se Coenzyme Q 10 for optimal effectiveness. PhytoStem caps slows down the aging process to a crawl... So you can naturally rejuvenate your organs and cells and enjoy unprecedented health for years to come.

2) How does PhytoStem rejuvenate your body?

PhytoStem contains potent antioxidants whose 2417 job is to seek out and regenerate cells damaged due to deadly toxins in our processed foods, modern environmental pollutants and physical neglect. PhytoStem rebuilds your cell structure with an abundance of minerals, vitamins, and CoQ 10.

Think of the process as the Ultimate Body Makeover from the inside out. Your skin becomes smoother, your muscles work more efficiently, your aches and pains disappear. In essence, yo.u're regaining the strength, power, and optimal health of a younger person!

Try It Risk-Free Now!

3) I feel pretty good most days ... but some days I'm fatigued. Can PhytoStem Caps help?

PhytoStem will give you more energy ... more stamina ... and you'll feel great again!

Remember: PhytoStem is 100% Natural and safe to take. It won't interfere with any meds you 're taking. However, do not stop your current treatment before discussing with your doctor first.

A Whole Day's Worth of Veggies and Fruits in a Single Spoonful!4) I am 86 years old. Am I too late to enjoy the benefits of PhytoStem at my age?

Absolutely not. Take 1 capsule daily and you'll increase joint mobility, flexibility, as well as strength in muscles, and limbs. For more permanent health results - taking PhytoStem Caps over the long term will rid your body of the toxicity that's built up over the years. (The more toxins your body has . . . the faster results you'll feel!

In addition, your memory and mental focus will greatly improve -- not to mention you 'II enjoy life again with a more positive attitude and spirit than you ever thought possible. Customers tell me they feel like they're in their 20's again! You will too!

5) What is a "Delivery System" in supplements.
And how does PhytoStem's delivery work?

Great question. Delivery means how your body absorbs the nutrients in a supplement. PhytoStem caps are called liquid caps not gel caps. Most gel caps become ineffective because they dissolve in the stomach (due to its acidity). I formulated PhytoStem so your body absorbs 97.3% of its nutrients into your body for maximum effectiveness.

If nutrients aren't absorbed correctly- they can't enter your bloodstream for transport to the rest of your body Instead, they exit through your urine. Remember: the proper delivery system to your cells and organs is essential for a supplement to work! PhytoStem does not lose its effectiveness or integrity once it enters your stomach.

Doctors Don't Want You To Know:
Only PhytoStem rebuilds every cell in your body! So you grow young and healthy from the inside...

Gene Hatfield, Conway, AR
Just Read What People Say About the
Life-Extending Miracle of
PhytoStem Liquid Caps...

PhytoStem Reviews

" ... Back to Running
Pain-Free in Just
90 Days!"

"I was given no hope by many specialists
- all due to a major car accident that
destroyed my right knee. For years, I
was a competitive runner who took home
many trophies. Three operations later I
gave up hope of ever running again
because of the knee and joint pain.
My cousin -who swears by PhytoStem Caps--suggested. I try your 90-Day Program. Well, after just a few days I felt a noticeable difference. The inflammation and pain vanished. After 60 days I was exercising again and in 90 Days I was RUNNING and winning trophies again in local meets. I cannot believe how great I feel, plus my complexion cleared up and my skin doesn't sag anymore. THANK YOU! ... a hundred THANK YOUS!"
                 -Loretta Smythe, 68, Bellevue Washington

Finally, the secret was discovered in a California labFinally, the secret was discovered in a California lab.

A remarkable study conducted at the University of California may have finally uncovered the secret–actually Mother Nature’s secret. Conducted by Dr. Lynn Frasetto, the study included 1,000 test subjects and was designed to look inside their fat cells.

Try It Risk-Free Now!

"Verbal Recall Jumps by 45%!"

"My 74-year-old wife's memory had been declining for the last few years. She was becoming more forgetful, couldn't remember important dates in our lives. I thought I was losing her to dementia. The neurologist gave her some pills but they didn't help. (Not to mention she would forget to take them.) I came across PhytoStem Caps and thought I had nothing to lose. In a few weeks I started to notice a big difference with her. She was no longer combative with me ... her concentration improved and her verbal recall, (according to her neurologist) jumped by 45%. I'm so tj:l.rilled to have my wonderful wife back again. Even our doctor is impressed with the results and "ordered" her to keep taking her PhytoStem Liquid Caps. Is there anything PhytoStem can't do?"
                       -Marvin Scalia, 79, Brooklyn NY

What are you waiting? Better health awaits...

For best results we recommend that you try the product for up to three months to see maximum results...

Try PhytoStem Nutritional Supplement today

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